Q. Is there Sheet Music available?

A limited amount of sheet music is available. You can find what we do have available here Tracks that have sheet music available will be identified on the product’s page below the Length above the Wishlist, but stating “Sheet Music Available”.

You can also find sheet music for popular songs at websites like (a lot of their sheet music is transposable) and

Why no sheet music for everything?

The musicians that create the backing tracks don’t write out sheet music while they create their music. So, unfortunately they are not available.

Why don’t they write out sheet music?

This is because the musicians don’t create backing tracks. They create their versions of these songs for their own professional careers, then offer a backing track version of it here, mainly because solo gigging musicians have asked them too.  So, we created a marketplace for them to offer their backing tracks, more so as a courtesy to those that need them for solo gigs.

We know it would be great and helpful to have sheet music for every song. If our library of tracks was small, we might be able to get them to go back and write out sheet music for every song.  But, at this point it is too far along and taking the time to do so is too much.  So, it is what it is… We have backing tracks if you would like them, but sheet music is not included.

Q. Can I use these tracks on my gigs?

A. Yes, please do; that’s why we created these backing tracks in the first place – to use on gigs.

Q. Can I put my version of your songs on my album and sell it?

A. No, you cannot use these backing tracks to produce your own version of our songs to sell or stream. You may not publish to any sales or streaming platforms; such as or not limited to, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon or anywhere else. That is expressly forbidden in our Terms & Conditions. Also, you may not use our tracks on any YouTube video that you monetize through YouTube Content ID or otherwise.  These tracks are for practice and live performances only. We hold the Rights to our songs, they are not public domain or free of copyrights.

Q. Why do your backing tracks sound so damned good?

A. Our tracks are made with a magic sauce created from: long experience, natural talent, creativity, intuition, good vibes, obsession to detail, and plenty of caffeine!!!

Really, the music is not created with the intention of being a backing track.  Our tracks are created by the professional musicians that we approve to be vendors in this market place.  They don’t make backing tracks, they make music for their own professional careers and in the final steps they export a backing track version for other musicians to use.  We never intended to sell backing tracks, but musician fans of Mark Maxwell’s begged him for years to offer his music in backing track form. Which he finally said yes too, after many years of saying no.  Which lead to the creation of this site and the decision that it should be a market place for his and other high quality backing tracks to be offered.

Q. When will I get my backing tracks after I purchase them?

A. Immediately. As soon as you purchase your tracks, you’ll receive an email with download links to those tracks.

Q. I lost my tracks somehow; can I re-download them?

A. Of course. If you need to re-download your tracks for any reason, you can sign into your account and re-download from your product list. If you did not create an account when you purchased your tracks, let us know and we’ll take care of you. We want you to be happy!

Q. Is it possible to get my backing tracks as mp3s instead of CD quality .wav files?

A. Yes. If you would prefer high-quality mp3s (320kbs) instead of CD quality .wav files, please contact us here. We’ll tell you how to get them.

Q. Is it possible to get one of your backing tracks in a different key?

A. No. All of our backing tracks are recorded in the key that is indicated on the product’s page.  They are well set in stone as far as key goes. There are audio softwares that can change the key of a track for you, but we do not know how the end result will sound.  From us, changing the key is not an option.

Q. I’m not happy with one the backing tracks I bought; can I get a refund?

A. No. Due to the digital nature of the product no refunds will be issued. If you are unsatisfied with a backing track you purchased, please let us know shortly after you purchase it by reach out to us via the contact form, or emailing

Q. Can I video myself playing over your tracks and put it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

A. No, we do not allow you to post videos of you performing our tracks on any social media.

Q. Is it possible to get a custom edit for one of your backing tracks?

A. That is sometimes doable. If it’s quick and easy, we’ll do if for free. If it takes some time, we may charge you for it. You can use the contact page to ask about that.

Q: Do you offer stems or the individual instrument tracks for your backing tracks?

A: There are a select number of STEMS available from Righteous Maggie Music. You can view them by clicking to the STEMS button on the main menu. Or by going to the Browse page and selecting STEM under the Categories filter.


Most of the backing tracks offered by Righteous Maggie Music can be made available in STEMS. Please send an email to to request it.

Q. Are your tracks suitable for vocalists?

A. Our tracks are designed for instrumentalists and usually include solo sections and other elements that might not usually be found in tracks specifically designed for vocalists. However, we have sold a lot of tracks to vocalists who love performing with them. Also, if you purchase a track that you enjoy but would like, for example, a solo section edited out, we can sometimes do that. You can use the contact page to ask us about that.

Q. Do any of your tracks have background saxophone in them?

A. Most of Mark Maxwell’s tracks (but not all) have no background saxophones. We’ve listed that information in the “INFO” section for each track. The tracks by Righteous Maggie Music may have some background saxophone or other horns in them.  Best way to tell is listening to the demo.

Q: Do your tracks all have 4 or 8 bar intros or does the melody start on the downbeat?

A: Most, if not all, of our tracks have intros on them. Also, for most tracks there is a link on the info page for that track that will allow you to hear our full version of the song.

Q: Can I get a bigger discount? Can I use multiple discounts?

A: We don’t offer anything larger than the 25% off for bundle of 20 tracks.  No you can not use multiple discounts, if you are offered a special coupon, that coupon’s discount can not be doubled up with the bundle discount.