Mark Maxwell


Do you need great sounding backing tracks for practice and gigging? Pro Backing Tracks provides professional quality blues, jazz, and smooth jazz backing tracks and jam tracks for guitar,saxophone, and all lead instruments.

Hi, I’m jazz saxophonist Mark Maxwell, and over the years I’ve recorded more than 25 albums, and I’ve played many hundreds of gigs as a single artist.

As a single working smooth jazz saxophone artist, my primary need was for great sounding backing tracks and jam tracks. So I took my album tracks, removed the lead instruments, and created a collection of professionally produced and recorded high-quality backing tracks that sound great and that are fun to play along with.

Over the years, and many albums later, I’ve collected quite a few backing tracks, and now I’m sharing them with you. I’m also now composing and recording tracks specifically designed to be backing tracks in varying genres and for different instruments: guitar backing tracks, blues backing tracks, backing tracks for singers, jam tracks, and more.

I no longer gig as a single artist, but I’m still recording, and I’m still creating great sounding backing tracks and jam tracks. And while it’s true, I am a saxophone player, these are perfect guitar backing tracks, and are also great for trumpet, trombone, violin, vibes, or any lead instrument.

All my backing tracks are immediately available to download as full-fidelity 44.1 kHz, 16 bit .wav files. You’ll be happy and proud to play these tracks in any setting, at home or on the gig. I’m confident that you’ll love these tracks.

These tracks are not run-of-the-mill. Every track has been arranged extensively and recorded with the utmost care. And we’ve worked hard to put a creative twist or two on each track so our tracks will sound unique, hip, interesting, and that make them a joy to play along with.

I sincerely hope you enjoy playing along with these tracks. If you have any comments or suggestions or anything at all, please contact me. I want to hear from you.

Mark Maxwell
Smooth Jazz Saxophonist

Testimonials - Mark Maxwell

Robert Wagener

Thanks, Mark, for making the best backing tracks on the net! I am primarily a solo performer and while my main gigging instruments are keys and guitar, I wanted to add horns and started adding sax (soprano, alto, tenor and bari) to my list in 2010 . My first tracks were home made, then started looking for..

Rick Hunt (Saxy Rick)

Hi Mark. Fantastic! That’s what you are! Your playing, arrangements, backing tracks are all over the top! Besides all that, I see that you are a perfectionist and tweak your arrangements until you get that smile. I watched your video on the making of “Game Of Thrones” and that was awesome. Best regards to you.

Joe W., Chicago, IL

Mark, just have to say, dude your tracks are the BOMB! I mean the real deal brother…I’m a guitarist, and I gig locally in the Chicago land area, and I am a one man band so to speak, so I am always on the prowl for Great Backing Tracks, and I simply can’t say enough about yours, brother!

Joe Barreiros, Portugal

Hi Mark, thank you for the backing track very kind of you, I enjoy your style of music I work as a part time tourist guide and play a little saxophone with a DJ some times on a wedding, but I just enjoy playing the saxophone when I can, It’s my passion and your backing tracks

Darren W.

Well guess what ? I just did my first solo gig last week and it went great ! The owner like it so much he gave me a 25 dollar tip on top of the agreed amount and rebooked me for some more dates. Your tracks were perfect ! Sonia recorded some clips and you would never

Tim H.

Mark, you have very nice style, one of the best I’ve heard ! I’ll be buying more of your backup tracks and practicing for sure. That’s one way to get better – listen to others and learn their styles, licks, etc. I appreciate your work my friend!