Greetings, I’m Jaymes Felix and I’ve been a musician most of my life, a songwriter, guitar and bass player, and more. My forte was predominantly singing but in the past 30+ years I’ve added producing, arranging, engineering and all-around musical production to the mix.

My greatest joy was being a part of Andrae Crouch & the Disciples group in the late 70’s where I played bass and sang on four albums. We toured the world extensively playing such venues as the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Albert Hall in London, and Carnegie Hall in NY to name a few. I won my Grammy Award with Andrae for his 1978 Live in London album…what a thrill. I went on to have my own gospel album on Light Records but eventually drifted back into secular music where I fronted my own groups here in the Southern California/Inland Empire area full of great players such as saxophonist Steve Tavaglione and percussionist Dio Saucedo (formerly with jazz great George Benson. In 1984 I was selected as lead vocalist (though one of many over the years) with Tower of Power…my tenure was brief but hey, it was very cool while it lasted.

Since then I’ve concentrated on lots of studio production and smaller projects but I also have a group with my wife, vocalist Delaney. It features fellow Grammy Award winning saxophonist and my long-time friend, Glen Myerscough and we still enjoy performing together regularly here in the So Cal area.

Though it’s always great to play live, along the way, due to economic constraints here and there, I started creating professional sounding backing tracks which I record, mix, and master at my own studio. I’m always adding and updating these and if you have a request that’s up my alley (soulful nature) I just might be interested. I think you’ll find my tracks perfect for players and vocalists alike and I’d love to hear your feedback or questions by email  anytime. Appreciate the opportunity to be part of Pro Backing Tracks along with Mark. Hope you enjoy the tracks I’ve created!

Testimonials - JAYMES FELIX

Bill Holt

Your tracks have the feel and groove that’s needed for a small duo act like I have. Audiences don’t want to hear inferior amateurish tones, beats or grooves. Your tracks are polished professional and have that head boppin quality that people love. Your tracks match my style and together with my sax and percussionist make for some seriously smooth music! We get call backs often and it’s because your tracks lay down the solid rhythm we need that makes our duo act work! Great tracks professionally mastered for smaller acts.

Wake Campbell

I do a live stream every weekend I will be using some of your tracks this time around. I don’t use a band, just me like many others. I really need to keep playing regularly, just to keep my mind right and the work you’ve done is great… thanks for your time and all the effort you put in to your tracks… you do superior work. I will point any of my friends who are looking for tracks in your direction.

Stan Miller

I like that you use wave files, makes a big difference. I use a Bose system when I perform and people always comment on how they thought there was a live band playing. It definitely all starts with a quality track which yours are! Thanks again

Jeremy Archer

Just wanted to endorse Righteous Maggie Music and Pro Backing Tracks website store! Their product is top notch and is one of the best website stores for smooth R&B style jazz backing tracks. They also accommodate the customer when possible for customization of the tracks for special mixes! Look forward to practicing and performing with these amazing accompaniments!